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Character Education

Celebrating Core Values

"Bucket Fillers" Get
CARDed at Stony Brook School!

Stony Brook School is committed to promoting the core values of North Plainfield's Public Schools:
Caring, Appreciation, Respect, and Determination.

During the school's annual Harvest Festival on Halloween, students read Carol McCloud's Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids. They learned how to be "bucket fillers." Bucket fillers are caring people who express kindness, appreciation, and love for others through kind words and gestures. Stony Brook's students pledged to be bucket fillers!

Weekly Opportunities to Improve Character!
From October through June, students can be CARDed by any teacher who "catches" them displaying one of the core values, or any of theDecember Role Models monthly character traits. (Our December role models are pictured, right.)

Students can be carded multiple times throughout the year. Has your child been carded for displaying our core values?