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Sight Words

Sight Words are the complete Dolch Word List of 220 of the most common words that appear in print. At the beginning and end of each school year, students are assessed on their recognition of these words. By the end of Kindergarten, students should know all of the words on the pre-primer and primer list. By the end of third grade, student should know all 220 words. For further enrichment, encourage your child to read the list of Fry sight words.

Read with Your Child

Discover the Joy of Reading with Your Child

Whether it's a nightly bedtime story or a book your child is reading aloud to you, daily reading is the key to helping our students succeed!

Students visit the Stony Brook School library every week, have accounts with Raz Kids, and access to thousands of titles in our classrooms. There's really no excuse to NOT be reading. Outside of school, make visits to the North Plainfield Public Library part of your weekly routine. Bring the following lists, and ask a librarian to help you find some these recommended books.

Why Reading Matters

The easiest, least expensive and most beneficial way to spend time with your children is through shared reading. According to the Family Literacy Foundation, the many benefits of reading aloud with your children include:

  • Increased self-esteem as children hear a parent or loved one read to them.
  • Stronger communication between parents and children.
  • Children learn to be more imaginative and creative.
  • Children become better readers and listeners.
  • Children learn important lessons from the stories they read and hear.


  • Choose the correct contraction
  • Starfall: Starfall is an online program that teaches phonemic awareness to students from preschool through grade 2.
  • Sight Word Balloon Pop: There are 220 "Sight Words," or words that appear most often in print that students must learn by sight at the end of grade 3. Students begin to learn these words in Kindergarten, and continue to add words to their repertoire each year until they know all 220 words by sight.
  • Educational computer games and activities for students by grade level.